Vianney Brandicourt

Vianney Brandicourt
CEO & Co-Founder

ex-Google, Foursquare, Spotify

Vianney has the distinct displeasure of paying broker fees too many times, and is passionate about removing this burden for others.

Julia Ramsey

Julia Ramsey

ex-Google, NASA

Julia rocks at the bass guitar, enjoys cooking and hanging out with her parrot Archibald

Joe Siefers

Joe Siefers

ex-Goldman Sachs

Joe tries to avoid having a life too much like the show Silicon Valley. Aside from coding, he runs marathons and climbs mountains.

Maria Ratskevich

Maria Ratskevich
Growth Operations Manager


Maria studied Cognitive Science so she really likes overthinking about how people think. She used to be a dog person but was recently converted to a cat person.

About Joinery

Joinery was founded by two longtime friends and New York residents who were tired of the outrageous expense and hassle of moving apartments in the city they loved. Broken televisions, parking tickets, first/last/security, surly movers, walkups, nosey neighbors, put-out friends, strained backs and, most of all, the privilege of paying a broker thousands of dollars to do little more than open a door. There had to be a better way. Joinery exists to mitigate the expense, hassle, and stress of your move.

The rental real estate broker is an anachronism: a much-reviled relic from a bygone era. Joinery seeks to connect outgoing tenants with incoming tenants in a mutually convenient and beneficial manner. Outgoing tenants show their apartment to prospective incoming tenants who have been vetted by Joinery. Once a lease is signed, the incoming tenant pays the outgoing tenant a small fee (typically two-thirds less than a standard broker fee) for their time: it’s as simple as that.

Living in great cities such as New York requires sacrifices. With Joinery, paying a broker five figures or more every time you move no longer needs to be one of them.

Previously, Julia worked at Google and NASA, where she was a professional nerd. Vianney has previously worked on product development and analytics at Google, Spotify, and Foursquare.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Joinery brings a humanizing element back into the dreaded New York City apartment search. They care about helping you find a place you can feel at home without breaking the bank. Their innovative approach to bridging renter and tenant is fresh, uplifting, and much needed."

- April A.

"Finding our apartment through Joinery was an awesome experience. After initially finding the listing online, my roommate was able to tour the apartment within days and I was even able to take a virtual tour via videochat! Once we decided that we wanted the unit, we were able to speak directly with the management company and get the keys within days. And the best part is that we saved over $10K in broker fees! I would highly recommend Joinery to anyone that is frustrated with the current apartment hunting process in NYC."

- Justin S.

"Joinery made it so easy for me to list my apartment and connect with someone ready to move in and save some cash. I was really dreading having to hire a broker that would require a fee and take a lot of time away from my schedule, and Joinery saved the day."

- Cassidy W.

"My experience with Joinery was fabulous! I was able to safely find someone to take over my apartment upon moving out, and even made some extra money in the process. Joinery was also great about handling the money on the backend, which was a huge weight off my shoulders. I made the move from NY to LA, and really hope that Joinery opens an LA branch in the next few years as I'd love to work with them again. It's like a curated craigslist - that also allows you to make money, what's better than that!?"

- Lynzie R.