Landlord FAQs

I own or manage a building and my tenants want to use Joinery

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Why would I not just use a broker?

Renters really don’t like using a broker, and will often target non-broker apartment listings. Joinery allows for you to have the convenience--and lowered vacancy rates--of using a broker while attracting a wider network of prospective tenants.

What is Joinery?

Joinery connects departing tenants with incoming tenants, making the apartment rental search easier and cheaper for people in the New York City area. Incoming tenants pay drastically lower fees, and departing tenants are well-compensated for showing their apartment. Landlords get lower vacancy rates and well-vetted incoming tenants.

How are prospective tenants being vetted?

You decide the minimum credit score and salary requirement. Joinery has background and credit checking services on our site, and only tenants who meet your minimum requirements can apply. You may ask for any other supporting documents as well, which your incoming tenant can upload to the site. Joinery has document storage with enterprise-grade encryption.