Make money by listing with Joinery.

Moving out? Find the next tenant and make up to half-a-month’s rent. Perfect for lease breaks or if you just want to make some money on your way out.

The average amount made is $1083.

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1. Showcase your place

After making your account on Joinery, add some photos and basic information about your place. Your streamlined listing on Joinery will highlight and organize everything the new tenant needs to know!

2. Engage with prospective tenants

Schedule viewings and field questions directly through Joinery’s messaging service. It’s easy to use, and keeps you safe and organized as you look for your new tenant.

3. Make money!

Once you’ve found someone to lease your apartment, you can collect your fee (up to half a month’s rent) from the new renter. When the new tenant signs the lease, Joinery will release the funds to you from our secure escrow system. Hurrah!

Join the revolution: help make moving more affordable for fellow renters.

1. Apartment Searching in NYC is Expensive

Brokers typically charge nearly 2 months’ rent (or $5,600 on average). And for so-called "no-fee" apartments, monthly rent is bumped up to make up the difference.

2. Joinery is more personal

An apartment seeker can find an apartment from you instead of a broker.

3. Make money

You get paid up to half a month's rent if you find a replacement for yourself.

4. It's a win-win

You earn money, and other renters save money. What's not to like?

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Joinery brings a humanizing element back into the dreaded New York City apartment search. They care about helping you find a place you can feel at home without breaking the bank. Their innovative approach to bridging renter and tenant is fresh, uplifting, and much needed."

- April A.

"Finding our apartment through Joinery was an awesome experience. After initially finding the listing online, my roommate was able to tour the apartment within days and I was even able to take a virtual tour via videochat! Once we decided that we wanted the unit, we were able to speak directly with the management company and get the keys within days. And the best part is that we saved over $10K in broker fees! I would highly recommend Joinery to anyone that is frustrated with the current apartment hunting process in NYC."

- Justin S.

"Joinery made it so easy for me to list my apartment and connect with someone ready to move in and save some cash. I was really dreading having to hire a broker that would require a fee and take a lot of time away from my schedule, and Joinery saved the day."

- Cassidy W.

"My experience with Joinery was fabulous! I was able to safely find someone to take over my apartment upon moving out, and even made some extra money in the process. Joinery was also great about handling the money on the backend, which was a huge weight off my shoulders. I made the move from NY to LA, and really hope that Joinery opens an LA branch in the next few years as I'd love to work with them again. It's like a curated craigslist - that also allows you to make money, what's better than that!?"

- Lynzie R.