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Room in Astoria, 2 bedroom

    2 Beds
    1.0 Bath
$985 / Month
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The quick and dirty: I have one bedroom available in my two bedroom apartment in Astoria, off the Steinway R/M stop. The room is about 10' x 7'6", with a full closet outside the room. Shared full bathroom, shared full kitchen, shared living room. Rent is $985/month, not including utilities. First month's rent (which can be prorated if move in early/late) due at move-in. $1000 security deposit due within first three months. I'm a 32-year-old female copywriter/TV recapper looking for a roommate who is LGBT-friendly with a full-time job. No pets (building's rule, not mine), no smoking, no drama. Looking to rent out by 8/1, but the room is available now.

Read on for more details than you could ever dream of:

What exactly are you offering here?
One bedroom in a two bedroom in Astoria. 10' x 7'6", full closet outside the room. The apartment is pre-war with hardwood floors and dark wood accents. The kitchen has a full-sized fridge (not one of those skinny useless things), microwave (vital), stove/oven, spacious sink, two countertops. One is a peninsula that separates the kitchen from the living room. And the living room is a decent size! Plenty of room to play Just Dance on the Wii. For example. Cute courtyard behind the building with bike racks and laundry room access in the adjacent apartment building's basement. (And also a big ol' laundromat a block and a half away.) Rent is $985 a month, with a one-time $1000 security deposit. Utilities (Time Warner Cable/Spectrum + ConEd) is usually max $150 each depending on the month. Usually closer to $100 and only on the high end in the summer with the ACs.

The room isn't currently furnished, but I do have a futon you can use if you're in a pickle and need a place to live before you can get a bed delivered. The room is a bit small but it has been known to fit a full bed, dresser, and small desk.

Sweet, where is this magical apartment?
The apartment is ~3 blocks away from both the Steinway R/M and 46th Street R/M stops. The area has tons of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Also dollar stores, if that's what you're into. There's even a movie theatre and a museum a 10-min walk away.

Who are YOU, though?
My name is Valerie, and I'm 32. I've been living in NYC since I came here for college. I work all day as a copywriter, and I work most nights writing TV recaps/reviews. I don’t tend to have parties – I’ll occasionally have TV season finale “parties” but it’s like 5 of us and appropriately themed cocktails. If I'm home after work, I'm usually hanging out in my room, watching or writing about TV. Other interests include pumpkin beer, exploring the city, playing with other people's pets, and reading anything I can get my hands on.

Hey you sound pretty cool. What are you looking for in a roomie?
Steady job, LGBT-friendly, won't take it personally if I spend a lot of time alone in my room.

Perfect, when can I move in?
Right now! I'm listing it for 8/1 because that's when I need to fill it by, but the room is available now.

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