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Room in Flatbush, 3 bedroom

    3 Beds
    1.0 Bath
$867 / Month


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(utilities not included in 867, one month security deposit upon move in)

I am moving out of NYC and looking for someone to take my room in a wonderful little Kensington/Ditmas Park house:

-The apartment is on the second floor of a two story house and has two other women and two cats as roommates. (3 bedroom, 1 bath)
-a short walk from the Newkirk Plaza Q and B (8 min), the 18th Ave. F (10 min), and Prospect Park (20 min)
-an especially great spot for musicians
-one of the roommates is only there part-time, so it's almost like you only have one roommate.
-back porch
-the house is well stocked, which I consider a plus, but there isn't much room for more furniture, except in the bedroom

We are looking for someone who:

-can commit to at least 6 months
-LoVeS cats. Their owner takes care of all things cat related, however, the cats are always around, so it's pretty imperative that you actually enjoy cats, not just tolerate them.
-Very clean and considerate. We try to wash dishes the same day, take turns with chores, keep personal things out of common spaces, etc.
-Is respectful of downstairs neighbors because while it is a separate unit, they are our friends, and we want them to be happy. Sometimes we have gatherings where the whole house gets together, but it's easy to maintain your own space.
-Comfortable living above musicians (aka, you will be able to hear their music from time to time, but they are very respectful)

Send me a message with a little bit about yourself, if you are interested :)

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