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Room in Bushwick, 3 bedroom

    3 Beds
    1.0 Bath
$750 / Month
This apartment is no longer available.


  • Security deposit: $750
  • Outgoing tenant fee: $300


Sara Love​ and I are looking for a kind and clean roommate to keep the homey house (nicely decorated) clean.
Move-in date: April 1st

Lease 12 month. 750$ + (internet, gaz, electricity more or less 100$) = 850$ all included.
You will sign a lease with the management company and be part of the lease.

No pet, No Smoke (I go outside to smoke mine)

We will only accept people that can visit in person.
The building is recent and has a rooftop access.

Central AC.
Oven, Microwave, Gaz.
Virtual doorman: the future is here?
Laundry at the corner.

The room in itself is at the back of the apartment with a minimum of natural light due to the proximity with the building next door.
You have a closet. You can fit a double bed with a night stand and a 2 doors wardrobe. The plan is at scale.
The location is great, 2 blocks from Myrtle MJZ train. It takes 40 min to bike from the apartment to Herald Square. The apartment is also super close to the BIZARRE Bushwick or little skip for your daily dose of vegan gluten-free avocado toast and drag queen show. We love glitters. I prefer the local mexican deli but you got it all taste are here.

We respect each other privacy and we see ourself as a team since we are living together. We love to keep a clean and tidy environment.

You'll have access to broadband connexion because having a lot megabites is important for a well balance life and watching the last GOT episode in 4k.

As a proper foodie I'm often close to the kitchen to cook cakes or others french stuff with butter and olive oil :D As I work in Hospitality, hosting is a passion. I'll always love to share some with my roommates!
If you give me food, I'll be your best friend. If you share some Calvados or Rum, I'll share my armagnac.
I'm naturally outgoing but not intruding.
I cook the most delicious crèpes ever.

Sara is in her mid 20s, I'm in my 30s. We are on the same mindset, communicative, open minded, respectful and energetic.

We are looking for someone chill, not a stranger, open minded, mature and ready to take part our little community. You'll be part of the team, we will share openly all our expenses but also have common sens if there is no more toilet paper the one who use the last go out cross the street and pick up a new one :)
You want a beer you can take one of mine and then you buy me one making sure I'll have one when I get back home.
We live simple and we live well.

Now tell us about yourself and why beside sleeping under a roof you would like to join us ?

Joinery saves you $1,050 by connecting you to an outgoing tenant instead of a broker.


Total fees: $300

Tenant fee
Joinery fee

Traditional Brokerage

Total fees: $1,350

Broker fee