Incoming Tenant FAQs

I'm moving in and am finding my apartment from the departing tenant.

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What is Joinery?

Joinery connects departing tenants with incoming tenants, making the apartment rental search easier and cheaper for people in the New York City area. Incoming tenants pay drastically lower fees, and departing tenants are well-compensated for showing their apartment. Landlords get lower vacancy rates and well-vetted incoming tenants.

How it works

Departing tenants list their apartment on Nestie, providing relevant details, pictures, and their move out date. Their landlord approves the listing and, once live, departing tenants may correspond with prospective tenants, answering any questions and eventually scheduling viewings. Nestie runs all prospective tenants through a background and credit check, so that we can see that they meet the minimum qualifications -- no wasted time. Once the incoming tenant signs the lease, departing tenants make a commission that they have set, which is up to half a month's rent.

How is my fee calculated?

The fee is determined by the departing tenant.