Joinery | Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I use Joinery if my lease is ending?

If your lease is ending (anytime in the next 18 months), you can list your apartment on Joinery to help find the next renter who will live in your home. When you find that next renter, you’ll make half-a-month’s rent in cash. By posting on Joinery, you’ll help out a fellow New Yorker in a few ways. First, they’ll save up to 1.5 months of rent by avoiding a broker fee. Second, you’ll give them a chance to secure their next home months in advance, instead of just a couple of weeks. And finally, you’ll be able to share valuable tips about your home and neighborhood that a broker simply doesn’t have.

When is the best time to list my apartment?

You can list your apartment anytime before your lease ends- the earlier, the better! The sooner you post, the better your chances of finding the next renter and making half a month’s rent before your lease ends.

Why should I use Joinery to find my next apartment?

As an apartment searcher on Joinery, you’ll save anywhere between 1-2 months of rent on broker fees by connecting with a fellow renter. The previous renter also has valuable knowledge and tips about your next home that a broker wouldn’t be able to share with you. And of course, you have access to Joinery apartments much sooner- several months before they typically hit the market.

Is Joinery free?

Posting your apartment as an outgoing tenant is always free. As a searcher, you’ll never pay more than 5% of annual rent (compared to 15% with a broker), and you’ll only pay after your lease is completely finalized.

How do I post my apartment on Joinery?

Simply click “Post” in the menu at the top of the screen. We’ll ask you basic questions about your apartment (bedrooms/baths, monthly rent, street address, amenities). You’ll also need to upload a few photos of your place. Once you start, your listing will be saved and you can come back anytime to finish it.

What happens after I list my apartment?

As a Joinery lister, you’ll receive messages from apartment searchers (delivered via email). They may ask you questions about your apartment, building, and neighborhood. You’ll also schedule a time to show them around your apartment. If they’re interested, Joinery will take care of coordinating with your landlord to help the next tenant finalize a new lease. After the lease is signed and verified by Joinery, you’ll receive your money directly from Joinery.

Where does the money come from?

The next renter will pay Joinery the lister’s fee directly as a deposit for the apartment. This fee is 3x cheaper than a typical broker fee; the next renter saves money by finding their place on Joinery. Once the new lease is completely finalized, we’ll disperse the funds to the lister. Joinery has also partnered with some large buildings in New York who will pay the lister’s fee. For these listings, you’ll see a $0 fee.

How much money can I make by posting on Joinery?

As a lister on Joinery, you choose your fee: the maximum is half of your current monthly rent. If you’d prefer not to charge a fee, simply set the fee to $0!

What about my landlord?

Landlords are responsible for keeping their apartments filled all year. The earlier your landlord can secure the next tenant for your place, the happier they are. By posting on Joinery, you’re helping your landlord find a qualified tenant as early as possible, at no cost to them. After your listing is submitted and approved, a Joinery team member will reach out with more details about communicating with your landlord. Every landlord is different: we’ll customize our information packet for you based on your building and unit. Joinery will handle any required approval process with your landlord, and make sure we have all the requirements for the next tenant.

Is Joinery safe?

When you list your apartment or search for an apartment on Joinery, you have a lot of options to make sure you feel safe. We offer free background checks, Facebook and Linkedin verification, identity verification, credit score checks, and more. You don’t need to schedule an apartment viewing with any users if they don’t have enough verifications submitted for your peace of mind. And of course, all your personal information is kept completely private/anonymous on Joinery.

How does Joinery make money?

Joinery charges a smaller transaction fee on top of the apartment lister’s fee. For example, if the lister wants to make $1000 on Joinery, the next renter will pay Joinery $1200. Joinery keeps the transaction fee of $200, while the lister receives their original $1000 fee.

Can I use Joinery if i’m breaking my lease, looking to sublet, or need a roommate?

Yes! Click the post button at the top of the page, and then look for “Need to sublet or find a roommate?”. If you don’t want to make money by posting your apartment on Joinery, you can select a fee of $0. In this case, Joinery will be free for the lister and the next renter.

How can I contact the Joinery team?

You can reach us via email at or give us a call at (347) 389-3266.